Școala „Nicolae Titulescu” este membră a comunității eTwinning din anul 2010. A participat la 35 de proiecte (26 proiecte finalizate și 9 proiecte în derulare). Ca să accesați paginile proiectelor din lista de mai jos, trebuie să vă logați mai întâi pe platforma eTwinning; pentru aceasta, este necesar să aveți cont pe platformă.

Proiecte active

  1. A Escola que Temos, a Escola que Queremos ~The School We Have, The School We Want ~ Škola danas, Škola koju zelim
  2. Meet us and our school
  3. Legokul
  4. Europe sings Christmas Carols

Proiecte finalizate

  1. Let's share our summer
  2. Spring in the air
  3. Fun experiments
  4. Let's do leaf collection
  5. Collect a star for each book because your are a star
  6. Hearts & Valentines
  7. English, Music and feelings
  8. Music games around the world
  9. Let's discover Europe
  10. Christmas or New Year‘ s handicrafts
  11. Paint a song
  12. European 112 Day
  13. Little curators
  14. WATER - Global Experiment with Hydrogels
  15. Gifts of autumn
  16. The new adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
  17. Magic children's crafts
  18. I like English songs
  19. My Imaginary Village
  20. European Bunting
  21. We like autumn and winter
  22. Autumn photo gallery
  23. Maths in real life
  24. What happens under the water surface? Life in fresh and sea water
  25. Animals in our countries
  26. Our school, our city
  27. Autumn
  28. Recipes for kids
  29. Cartoon characters' World
  30. Spring in my village/town
  31. Myths and Legends
  32. Cultural life and the affects of people behaveour and buildings
  33. Journeys with Syrius around Europe
  34. Games and plays with letters - preparing for reading
  35. Easter eggs
  36. Easter holiday around Europe
  37. Let's know about your class, school and village. Step 2
  38. Xmas cards around Europe. School to schools exchange